Trivel Sud di Barletta Giuseppe
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Coated piles in sand Sonic piles Large diameter piles with rock bucket
Piling Piling for highways Coated piles for tunnels
Support piles for road surfaces Poured concrete piles Drainage wells
Support piles Drainage wells up to 1800 mm. Use of polymer on the Milan - Turin motorway
A well A drainage well Support piles
A drainage well Boring through hard material with a core barrel - Valle dell´Angelo Steel clad piles
Support piles for roads Foundation piles Boring
Support piles for roads Large diameter piles Work in Caselle in Pittari (SA)
Casting piles
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Over the last five years Trivel Sud has been active in a variety of areas, working to exacting European standards.

During this period our most important projects have included:
  • Earth consolidation work requiring special foundations using large diameter bored piles for the slip road of the S.P. (secondary road) 517 (Salerno);

  • Construction of tunnels and supporting piles for the ANAS (National Road Works Company) on the S.S.19 highway in the Province of Salerno;

  • Construction of support platforms for the Potenza wind farm project;

  • Boring and reactivation of wells for surface water drainage at Capodichino Airport (Naples);

  • Construction of large diameter reinforcement piles for properties in Lavello (Potenza);

  • Construction of large diameter polymer-coated foundation piles for the slip road of the S.S. 18 (Salerno);

  • Construction of protective bulkheads for drainage wells in the vicinity of piles - Caselle in Pittari (SA);

  • Construction of large reinforced bulkheads - Florence;

  • Construction of tunnels for the Italian Railways in Bergamo;

  • Construction of large diameter rainwater drainage wells on Malpensa Airport runways (Milan);

  • Construction of large diameter polymer-coated foundation piles for car parks at Malpensa Airport (Milan);

  • Construction of special polymer-coated foundation piles for slip roads and flyovers for the A4 Milan - Turin Motorway;

  • Construction of tunnels and bulkheads for the third lane of the SA-RC (Salerno - Reggio Calabria) Motorway from Contursi to Sicignano;

  • Large diameter coated foundation piles for the construction of slip roads on the A106 and A280 near Catanzaro;

  • Land reinforcement with special foundations at the rubbish dump in Serre (SA);

  • Construction of large diameter bentonite coated foundation piles for slip roads for the SA-RC (Salerno - Reggio Calabria) Motorway in Falerna (CZ);
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