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Special hydraulic drilling rigs suitable for a wide range of working conditions; including those where weight restrictions and dimensions are in force and where access to terrain is difficult.

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Medium size tracked drilling rig (26 tonnes) with torque power of 100 kNm and perforation diameter of between Ø 400 mm and Ø 1200 mm.

The Soilmec R210 is suitable for all terrain and for the realization of:
  • All types of foundation piles;
  • Dry bored piles;
  • Bored piles using polymeric and bentonite sludge;
  • Large and medium diameter coated piles;
  • Driven piles;
  • Foundation piles;
  • Large diameter wells;
  • Rock piles;
  • etc..
Soilmec R210
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Soilmec R210 Soilmec R210 Soilmec R210 Soilmec R210
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