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Trivel Sud di Barletta Giuseppe
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Our Company

The manager: Giuseppe BarlettaThe company Trivel Sud of Giuseppe Barletta work for many years in the field of drilling, foundations, piling and excavation of wells.
Our company is able to successfully penetrate any type of land using modern equipment, which in recent years have been a great investment, to innovate and improve the service offered to large customers, both public and private.Look what we can do

Our teams of highly skilled personnel operate all over Italy.

Drilling is a field in constant development. Trivel Sud initially began its activities drilling boreholes in search of water and thanks to continual demand this sector is still of paramount importance to the firm.

At present the greater part of our work is concentrated in large diameter boring activities, and in the realization of piling foundations for motorways using state of the art techniques.

Our Services

Drilling ground- Boring (Ø 300 mm to Ø 2500 mm);
- Land reinforcement for building;
- Reinforcement of large and small structures, roads etc;
- Industrial and civil construction work;
- Land drainage for the construction industry;
- Foundations for public works;
- Geo diagnostic surveys;
- Earth movement;
- Piling for construction foundations;
- Large diameter boring (Ø 300mm to Ø 2500mm);
- Construction foundations for both the private sector and building companies;
- Drilling of wells in earth and rock (maximum perforation diameter Ø 1200mm and maximum depth 50 metres for the cleaning of wells);

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